What makes us special

Using a customer-centric approach, active use of psychology, and emotion-inducing design we create brands that make your customers feel great.

Food for thought

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In their marketing approach, most businesses rely too heavily on rational choice theory – trying to appeal to as many people as possible and presenting features and benefits as cornerstones of their offerings.

However, the latest research shows that 80% of customers are “Trusting Their Gut” and only 20% are using rational calculation when making purchasing decisions.

It’s difficult to develop your own brand because you are so deep inside it and can’t step back to view it from an end user’s perspective. 

But we can

At Brandician we know how to make your customer’s gut sing your brand’s anthem.

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After completing our work, our clients typically see significant increases in revenue within months! 

This is how we do it:

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1. Customer-centric approach

We address the core motivation of your particular audience who is looking for your product or services to solve their needs.

We take steps to understand your customer and act on that understanding by creating a unique value proposition that will set you apart from everyone else. Then we enhance your communication techniques, combining different methods driven by data and science, used by the top consulting houses and taught by top MBA schools.

Brandician employs psychology to make your brand genuinely connect with your target audience.

We tap into people’s emotions using archetypes and motivational theory to speak to your consumers on a deeper level. We’ll communicate your values and brand story by using specific colors, shapes, language, and tone of voice that connects with your audience on a subconscious level.

As a result you’ll have a marketing strategy that feels authentic and trustworthy to your consumers.

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2. Active use of psychology

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3. Emotion inducing design

Your logo and website are the face of your brand. We select colours and shapes corresponding to your brand archetype that will make your brand feel sincere and special.

Our design derives from archetypal symbolism and behavioural psychology that speak to your customers’ desires and motivation and affect their decision making process that lead them to choose you over your competition.

We ensure that all of the visual elements of your brand align and intertwine into a coherent whole so your customers will trust you.

What's next and how do we start?

May it be your logo, presentation, merch, business card or trade show booth – we have years of experience in helping companies grow their businesses through effective marketing strategies and beautiful designs.

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Our team has developed dozens of websites for businesses just like yours, so we know exactly what makes brands successful online and how to apply our expertise to your company’s needs.

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