Branding archetypes

Identifying and harnessing your brand archetype is the most powerful way to reach its full potential.

Archetypes represent universal expression of meaning, behavior and communication.

They humanize your vision, mission and values and tell your story in a way that magnetically attracts the ideal customers and allows you to differentiate your brand from the competition.

What are archetypes?

Archetypes are more ancient than myths themselves. Greek philosopher Plato and many great thinkers after him spoke of "elemental forms" and the original "categories" or patterns of everything in the material world.

Carl G. Jung has conveyed this idea to the modern world, suggesting that archetypes are part of collective unconscious that is genetically inherited. In other words archetypes are the "software" of the psyche. Not only do we recognize archetypes, we can "resonate" with them strongly because we are programmed for this.

Brand archetypes speak to your customers’ primary motivations that ultimately lead to engagement and trust, which is the foundation of a deep and lasting relationship of your brand and your consumers.

Which archetype defines your brand's meaning and strategy?

Although there are thousands of different archetypes, Jung has narrowed them to 12 fundamental ones that symbolize basic human reasoning, values and personality. Using motivational theory we group them in 4 clusters.

Find your brand's archetype by comparing description below with what your company has to offer or what you promise to your customers.

Self-actualization, independence, fulfillment.

Innocent, Explorer, Sage - seek to fulfill a longing for some ideal place where they can feel fully themselves and at home.

Branding archetype Innocent

Offers people a happy and positive approach to life. Shows desire for simple purity, goodness, happiness, faith and optimism.

Branding archetype Explorer

Helps people to achieve freedom and independence, to find out who they are through exploration and adventure.

Branding archetype Sage

Uses information, intelligence and analysis to find the truth, understand the world and help people develop themselves.

Social belonging, connection, community.

Everymen, Lover, Jester - desire to connect, interact, and belong; express a critical sense of likability, popularity, and connectedness.

Branding archetype Everyman

Accessible for everyone, sincere, helpful and genuine. Everyman helps to belong and get along with others, treats everyone with dignity and respect.

Branding archetype Lover

Helps to find love or friendship, shows appreciation to others. Lover allows to become more attractive, encourages passion and romance.

Branding archetype Jester

Entertains people with playfulness and spontaneity. Jester shows how to live in the present with full joy, be accepted an adored by others.

Order, stability, structure.

Caregiver, Creator, Ruler - desire for stability, security and order, find satisfaction in stable environments.

Branding archetype Caregiver

Compassionate, generous and caring for people by helping in daily activities. Caregiver protects others from harm and contributes to a harmonious society.

Branding archetype Creator

Makes something valuable and lasting, original and innovative. Creator helps people in forming a vision and means of self-expression.

Branding archetype Ruler

Represented by a strong sense of power and authority, the influential and dominant Ruler shows leadership and takes its responsibility by obtaining control.

Achievement, legacy, change.

Hero, Rebel, Magician - take a stand against reality. Provide a structure that can release the ability of ordinary people to rise to challenges, take risks, break rules, and transform their lives.

Branding archetype Hero

Ambitious, focused and powerful, the Hero does not avoid challenges. He uses its mastery to improve the world or to prove own worth through courageous and difficult action.

Branding archetype Rebel

Represented by the rebellious nonconformism, the rule-breaking and revolutionary Rebels want to destroy what is not working for them or to society.

Branding archetype Magician

Magician helps people to create changes in their lives and contributes to the achievement of dreams by transforming undesired situations to the enchanting ultimate goal.

Not sure which archetype is the best fit for your business?