Why use Brandician's services?

You've got a great business idea, but the idea is difficult to explain and present to others. You may think everyone understands it as you do, but ... they don’t.

Branding is a communication tool that connects your audience with your idea.

Brandician is here to help you structure, strengthen and nourish your brand.

Our process

1. Select archetype to define your brand's meaning and strategy

We start with an audit to gain insight about your brand in the context of design, purpose and focus.

After that we choose an archetype for your brand to allow consumers to relate to it on deep emotional level.

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2. Create your brand story and structure your communication

We explore the potential of your brand to achieve effective communication that strongly resonates with your target customer by developing authentic branding persona, setting voice, language and tone of your messaging to make it clear and purposeful.

3. Start using your new brand design, launch website and more

Create a branding strategy template - a blueprint for all your communication including website, social media, printed materials, advertising, so you can be always consistent in your appearance using suitable colors, fonts and layouts.

What customers say

Brandician is the top physician for all of our brands. Using branding archetypes is ingenious approach that saved us lots of time and proved to be very effective. . Hats off to Brandician!

Oleksandr Kapitanenko, PortaOne President

Nobody does professionally looking documents and presentation better than Brandician. In minutes boring papers become clear, engaging and very interesting, which is very important for my work.

Brandician's work is methodical, fast, precise, and full of personal attention. My brand was lacking clearness of design and communication, but now it is super happy with the new focus and structure.

Goran Bogdanovski, FICHO institute Founder


Visual audit

Review of the visual style and branding message, taking into consideration

    • overall identifying look
    • consistency of design, color palette and typography
    • level of design and production
    • clarity of message

Graphic design

Creation and presentation of a coherent, well thought out visual image for your brand

    • logo / fonts / colors
    • design elements & icons
    • templates for web and printed materials


Messages that set you apart, help you stand out and communicate who you are at a glance

    • set voice and tone
    • naming for business, products and services;
    • tagline, slogans


Creation of your business' online identity, taking into consideration its usability and the user experience

    • content architecture
    • visual design
    • development
    • maintenance

Art direction

Supervision and unification of your marketing vision

    • visual communication
    • design services
    • branding
    • printed marketing collateral

Is your brand old hat?

Let's work together to create refreshing experience that will take your brand further.