Mosaic – Pushing the limits of HD mapping

Jeff portrait

“Innovative approach, professional interactions within the schedule and a final product that exceeded our expectations. We couldn’t be happier with our experience!”

CEO Jeffrey Martin

About Mosaic

Mosaic is a pioneer in the mobile mapping industry. Founder and CEO Jeffrey Martin has always been one to see gaps in the market and break ground in the photography, camera, and mapping industries. And Mosaic was no exception. Martin and his team developed the first 360-degree mobile mapping cameras specifically built from the ground up for robust street-level image capture. 

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The Challenge

Mosaic incorporated and launched their cornerstone product, the Mosaic 51, within a very short amount of time (about a year) which for a piece of very technologically-advanced hardware device is a huge feat. They were originally focused on developing the cameras rather than on branding and marketing . 

Mosaic51 camera

Due to this focus and the initial small team, they had originally thrown all of the information about the camera and the company onto a single webpage – giving it a scattered and messy appearance. Their logo was also created quite quickly and without much thought about expressing the brand’s strengths and personality into it. 

The Objective

By mid 2020 they were ready to focus more on the branding of the company and incorporating this into the visuals of the website, as well as the means of communication with their market audience.

“We knew that our current brand and presentation was not going to cut it if we wanted to reach a wider audience and appear legitimate to major companies. We’re not a cheap product and our first website was not inspiring trust with big investors and customers.”

CEO Jeffrey Martin

So Mosaic reached out to Brandician to start the process of identifying their brand identity and devising an effective way to present this to potential customers and investors. 

The Road to Results

Discovery and thoughts

Brandician always takes several paths on the way to discovering and developing a brand’s archetype and identity. Through careful research and interviews within the team members as well as analysis of the current Mosaic customers to date, we were able to learn that Mosaic had already earned a reputation of being an innovative leader and pioneer in the field of 360-degree cameras. 

Archetypal analysis


We then conducted an archetypal analysis of the company and combined with our research and interviews, we determined that Mosaic fits in perfectly with the Explorer archetype – brave, fearless, seeking freedom.

Plan of action

This information allowed us to design a brand logo, image, identity, content strategy, and communication strategy that reflected that archetype. Knowing that Mosaic is an Explorer gave us the foundation for choosing images, fonts, CTAs (call to action), and styles that conveyed this to their audience. We also knew the tone that we would have to take when creating any content for the site – such as articles and  product pages, as well as when outgoing communication pieces such as newsletters and press releases.

The Response

Explorers are known for being adventurous, pioneering, freedom seekers, those longing for a better, more authentic life. They don’t like to be fenced in and don’t believe in limits. 

Knowing this, our team worked closely with the Mosaic team to painstakingly polish content and visuals to express this. This included a logo which is in line with the brand archetype – brave and ambitious, as opposed to its previous logo which was difficult to discern and outdated.

mosaic old logo
mosaic new logo

We also used our expertise in design to reformat the webpages and other written materials (product briefs, blog pages, and pitch decks) to be user-friendly and easily readable. This meant transferring much of the content that was on the first (and only) page to several distinct pages so that visitors could more quickly find the information they are looking for. 

One of the main objectives of having the website was to capture leads. However, as the previous version contained much of the product details, there was not much incentive for visitors to leave their contact details. Therefore, we decided to take the approach of offering less details online, necessitating readers to request the product specs via the contact form.  


We also expanded the web pages and content with the addition of a blog, titled ‘Insights’ – which is more inline with the brand of offering freedom. This additional material has allowed the website to garner more recognition and improve its SEO score, which allows it to be seen by more people and have a higher likelihood of the right audience finding what they are looking for.

Product specs

Mosaic X pdf
Mosaic viking pdf

Pitch Deck

Mosaic pitch deck pdf

A pitch deck we helped to create for Mosaic. It is an eye-catching and persuasive presentation that outlines the story of Mosaic company and its business at a high level – explaining why it’s worth investing in.

The Results

In the time that Brandician and Mosaic have been collaborating, Mosaic has seen a substantial increase in awareness, site visits, and outreach from prospective customers. 

Comparing the 6 months leading up to the cooperation to the most recent 6 months, we can confidently say that there has been:

  • a nearly 250% increase in the number of views of Mosaic pages
  • a 200% increase in the number of visitors to the site
  • a near doubling of the number of customer who filled out the contact form to request more details 


Ilia Shipachev 2

“What an amazing logo we have. The old one is definitely a combination of all the worst expectations you can have about a logo: non-remarkable, barely memorable, hard to read, over-complicated, not scalable. Now I visit the site from time to time because I like it 🙂 ”

Ilia Shipachev, Software Engineer

Despite not needing to visit his company’s own site for work purposes, Ilia does occasionally because he takes great joy and pride in knowing that his company is better represented with the current visuals and presentation.

We couldn’t be happier with a comment like that one 🙂

Our cooperation with Mosaic continues, as with many things in life – nothing is ever fully complete. We continue to offer assistance in new material design of brochures, materials for events, and supply much of the content for articles posted on the site. This requires constant attention and strategic planning. We focus on embedding the brand archetype into every facet of our work for Mosaic – never forgetting that our work carries great responsibility. 

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