WebTrit – Startup that liberates Telcos with a single app

Yuriy Cherniavskyi

“Brandician really listened and helped us communicate our product in a powerful, distinctive way. Our logo is recognisable and our website has all of the needed information condensed in a simple, yet professional manner.”

Yuriy Cherniavskyi, CTO

About WebTrit 

Webtrit is a startup founded by experienced developers of telecom systems who now use their skills and knowledge to give telco providers the freedom to create and customize their own communication solution. WebTrit offers a white-label, multi-platform softphone app that customers can deploy rapidly, while also having the ability to tailor it according to their needs. 


When WebTrit first approached us for help in their road to branding, they were starting from zero. So rather than having to RE-brand or reevaluate their current brand, presentation and marketing, we were starting with a blank slate. There was no website,  logo, etc., we were only presented with their story, product and a huge market of competitors. This demanded a deep dive into who these startup developers are and what drives them to invent such a product in the first place. The branding needed to reflect those values and make WebTrit stand out in a vendor-saturated industry that offers minimal flexibility to communication providers. 


five red lined phone booths near building

WebTrit is a company with experience, knowledge and a great product that offers a better, faster and more cost-effective service than any communication provider out there.

Their passion for changing the telco world for the better needed a very clear, to the point message and strong marketing communication. This company’s website needed to reflect their unique ethos within the industry: openness, transparency and employing modern tech that saves time and resources for their customers.

Branding Process

Since WebTrit is a new start-up, we started by exploring the pitfalls of the market and seeing how and in what way WebTrit challenges them. Our teams talked in detail about what exactly differentiates them from other softphone app providers and why  potential customers would feel liberated with their service. 

Discovery and thoughts

After doing market research and interviews with the team it was clear that WebTrit excels in go-to market speed, cost reduction process and customization freedom. Not only that, the developers involved have over 15 years of experience and insight into the telco industry, which is a huge selling point and an important competitive advantage. 

Archetypal analysis

In the next step we conducted an archetypal analysis of the company. All of our gathered data clearly pointed at Hero Archetype, because WebTrit in its essence offers liberation. Their app is an alternative solution to the vendor-controlled telco market with the main goal of setting telecommunication providers free, improving their services and changing the world for the better.


What makes a hero a heroic one? 

  • Achievements: WebTrit’s solution is supported by years of development experience in the telco industry and a model that was tested on PortaOne customers.
  • Self-improvement: they are striving to stay on top of the latest tech trends, while at the same time keeping their business very transparent and open to everyone.
  • Power and liberation: WebTrit gives telco providers an opportunity to unshackle themselves from the hands of big vendors and gives them complete control over app customization, plus grants them access to open source code.

This company is well aware of the lack of time and resources most telco companies are battling with when it comes to app development, so they are providing  a tested and fully functional app that can be their customers’ to own and customize. Overcoming challenges, helping others grow, always striving to do better and wanting to create change – a true Hero’s incentive.  

Plan of action

The process was very straightforward after the research part (interviewing the WebTrit’s team and discussing their vision) was finished and their archetype determined (Hero). First, deciding on applicable colours and fonts, then writing copy for their website. We also paid extra attention to the visual elements (icons, phone app graphics, etc.) that could add up to the overall image of the company.

Since WebTrit is a start-up with their product still in its infancy, it was essential that a polished website was published before the official customer deployment to increase confidence in the company. We successfully helped launch the new site with a MVP and will continue to help create content throughout our collaboration with them. Brandician’s team is focused on building the WebTrit blog into an educational platform on white-label softphone apps and current trends within the telco industry. 


Development and result

PortaOne Management.Andriy Zhylenko 1

“We love how clean and eye-catching our website is. The colours, the logo, everything fits together. Brandician was the missing puzzle in our start-up journey!”

Andrew Zhylenko, CEO

A company’s archetype is an essential building block of our branding process. WebTrit represents clear hero values (courage, sacrifice, power, change etc.) so the colours and fonts were chosen accordingly. 

WebTrit brand Logo colors
Logo and color scheme

As for the writing, we started to abstract everything we had discussed with the company and tied the important messages into bite-size pieces applicable for their website. WebTrit’s product and its features needed to be clearly explained from three beneficial perspectives: the customer’s company, their developers and their customers. The deployment process itself was demonstrated  visually in an effective way, showcasing WebTrit’s main advantages: fast, transparent and modern. 


Pitch deck


Enzo Viscito

Explaining the importance of certain technical terms in a relatable manner is not easy, but Brandician helped make it so.Thanks to them, our start-up can now launch with confidence and attract the right customers”

Enzo Viscito, Board Member

Before coming to us, WebTrit had a very clear goal, but needed help communicating that. Their passion for giving everyone the freedom to create their own communication app in a short time while having no limitations on their customization wishes stood out archetypically (heroism), but also market-wise.

With the rapidly changing telco industry, Covid crisis and an increased need for reliable and seamless communication from home, WebTrit ‘s business timing seemed just right. Their combination of long-standing experience in the telco industry and constant self-betterment is the winning sales combination that just needed the right branding to reflect. 


Brandician’s team has helped bring out WebTrit’s powerful message that is now captured in a fresh and modern looking website. As our cooperation with them continues, we will be helping them expand their online content, mostly in the form of their blog articles. Just as with many things in life, it is a work in progress, and one which we are happy to be a part of. 

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